About Us

Initially, our company produced customized kitchen furniture. With a big demand for unique furniture, production increased quickly and we felt the need to extend our product palette. We included the manufacturing of bureau, living, bedroom and wardrobe furniture, which were later complemented by adding wardrobes and hall furnitures to our profile, as well and providing hotels and commercial units with various products. In order to increase production, we moved into a new building, extended the range of our machines, investing into cutting edge technology. Ever since, we constantly keep updating our technology, ensuring the top notch quality of our products.

Our mission: Erdfa satisfies it’s customers at the highest standards, assuming responsibility for a smooth designing and manufacturing process. Furthermore, through our productivity and efficiency we fulfill the market’s demands, stimulating the development of all of those involved.

The 5 values we go by:
constant self development
Constantly evolving and expanding, in the last 20 years we have closed partnerships with english, french, german and dutch companies, being not only familiar with the regional, but also with the global market, while trying to satisfy all of the market's needs.